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SuJu Drabbles Set #1

Caress/ EunHae/ G

"You don't have to do that, you know," Donghae comments mildly, head pillowed against Eunhyuk's thigh, eyes closed in bliss as Eunhyuk gently runs nimble fingers through dark, unruly hair.

Eunhyuk's fingers still and he examines the visible part of Donghae's face, relaxed and free of the stress that comes from being forced to work nearly 24/7. He begins again. "I want to," he states plainly, and starts humming a faint lullaby.

Donghae reluctantly tries to swat Eunhyuk's roaming fingers away. "Shut up, 'm not a baby," he mumbles. Despite his words, sleep quickly overtakes him, and he is soon fast asleep, the hem of Eunhyuk's T-shirt clutched tightly in his hands.

Eunhyuk chuckles under his breath and continues his stroking, soft and slow.


The Real Reason Why Ryeowook Joined SuJu M/ HanWook/ PG

"So, Ryeowook-sshi," the interviewer (or 'Bob,' if his name tag can be trusted) says enthusiastically, "what made you qualified to join Super Junior M? Other than your great voice, of course," he jokes, and the audience dutifully laughs, though a few are suspiciously slumped over, and over half have glazed eyes and trickles of drool leaking down their chins.

Ryeowook himself is sitting ramrod straight (idols have to set examples for their fans, after all); he pretends to think about the question, and finally - with great solemnity and a perfectly straight face - says, "To get away from kissing Yesung-hyung."

The audience immediately perks up and starts screaming Ryeowook and Yesung's name over and over again, so fast they blended together until - Yewook?

Ryeowook shudders discreetly and schools his expression into one of embarrassment (which isn't hard, considering the muffled laughter he can hear from the rest of Super Junior M, lounging on the cushy sofa just two feet behind his uncomfortable wooden chair), focusing his attention on 'Bob,' who is now staring longingly at him, much to his dismay (and the hilarity of his so-called-friends).

"How..." Ryeowook prompts, mentally sighing.

"Oh!" 'Bob' snaps out of his reverie, and quickly resumes his questioning. "Uh, how come you want to get away" he gesticulates vaguely.

"Actually, I haven't kissed him yet." Ryeowook emphasizes the last word, lest the fans get the wrong idea. "But I'm trying to avoid that, if you know what I mean." He lapses into silence, then peeks from under his lashes, piping up with: "See, fanservice with only one person can get kind of boring, plus Yesung was starting to get too touchy-feely, so I'm trying to...broaden my horizons, you could say."

"So who's the lucky wo- man?" 'Bob' asks eagerly.

Ryeowook rises and goes to stand behind Henry. Henry gives him a WTF look and scoots away as far as he could without falling off the couch.

"IT'S HENRY?!" ...Aaand, apparantly not, according to the "stupid magnae" Ryeowook mutters (almost inaudible, but his microphone picks it up anyway), before flicking Henry on the forehead and moving on.

"ZHOU MI?!" His nose is too big.

"SIWON?!" Too tall.

"KYUHYUN?!" Too serious.

"DONGHAE?!" Too...cute.

The audience is getting fed up, Ryeowook notices, inwardly pleased. "You're just leading us on, aren't you, Ryeowook-sshi," 'Bob' sighs when Ryeowook reaches the last person - who in their right mind would dare flirt with Hankyung when everybody knows Heechul's already got dibs on the leader (Siwon doesn't count, because the King of Skinship spares no one) - and proceeds to slide into Hankyung's lap.

"Nope," Ryeowook chirps, and leans his head against his hyung's shoulder.

The fans seem to approve of the 'forbidden love' concept, as all one hundred and fifty foam-finger-waving females (and the occasional male) rise in unison and start to shriek at the top of their lungs.


In response Ryeowook flashes a sly smirk at the rest of Super Junior M, most of whom are staring at him with various looks of disbelief.


"So that's why I keep hearing weird noises at night," Kyuhyun remarks off-handedly.


The Moral of the Lesson/ HanChul/ PG-13

He moans and groans plaintively like one in great suffering; and keeps it up for an hour, apparantly on the purpose of distressing his bandmates, because whenever he catches a stifled sob from downstairs, he doubles his effort and puts renewed strains of agony into the inflections of his voice.

"Heechul-hyung!" Kangin finally bellows, through five walls and a ceiling. "Shut the fuck up! Mother dear here's going senile from your incessant whining!"

"My poor baby!" As if on cue, Leeteuk's choked wail floats up the floor and hangs in the air, making Heechul howl even louder to drown it out, till Leeteuk's cry is abruptly cut off by a pleased giggle that sends icy shivers crawling down Heechul's spine.

Donghae pokes his head into Heechul's room, tongue hanging out and nose scrunched up in disgust. "They're at it again. Parents, I swear." He rolls his eyes and, with the intent of hitching a ride, jumps on the back of a passing Eunhyuk, who stumbles under the unexpected weight and loses his footing, flying headfirst down the stairs.

"That looked like it hurt," Hankyung remarks from the bed, where he had been sitting, watching Heechul's anguish in silent amusement.

Heechul hisses a furious, "I hurt a hell lot more right now," then yelps and doubles over in pain, complexion flushing a pasty, unhealthy white. "Ow, fuck, stupid cramps!"

"So I see," Hankyung says in great satisfaction, tipping his head back and peering out from under his eyelashes to enjoy the loud agitation of the occupant of the couch, who's curled up into a tiny ball, clutching his stomach. "Now, what have we learned today?"

Heechul glances over at Hankyung with an ill-meaning look, expressing in his countenance the torrent of hostile emotions toward Hankyung that, if they were to be given names in human terms, would be something along the lines of abhorrence, loathing, or perhaps even malignity.

"No more eating outdated ramen," he mutters sullenly.

Hankyung strides over to Heechul and pats him on the head, all the while smiling very smugly, not unlike a cat that's just swallowed a canary.

"So glad we agree."

Tags: drabble, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: hankyung/heechul, pairing: hankyung/ryeowook
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